Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fancy biscuits?

My own cupcakes
Now I'm a cupcake kind of girl.  I love making them just as much as I like buying fancy ones from stores such as Hummingbird Bakery and Lola's Kitchen.  When I spotted a link from a Tatty Devine post on Facebook, my eyes lit up!

What a great idea!  These biscuits are absolutely adorable.  I can't wait for a birthday / special occasion so I can grab some. I think they are just gorgeous in all the colours and the designs they've come up with. 

How about a sewing kit, or tea for two?  I'm now also inspired to bake some myself...

Well done I just have to taste them!  ;)


  1. I hope I can leave this comment! Biscuiteers are great...I love the tins.. I want some for my birthday :)

    More food posts please Angela and also our food site (hint hint!)

  2. yay! i shall go and explore their page now :) thanks :)