Monday, 4 July 2011

Wireless Festival, Hyde Park, London

Okay, so this deserved a big photo!  This is what I saw in the middle of thousands of people, while dancing away to The Chemical Brothers last Saturday night.  What a fantastic atmosphere!

We managed to see Digitalism, Aphex Twin, a bit of Alex Metric, a teeny bit of Nero and the main act The Chemical Brothers.  London had great weather for the outdoors.  Not too hot, but sunny enough that everyone was in a great mood.

Aphex Twin got the bass thumping and the visuals were brilliant.  We did a lot of wandering around the site, just checking things out.  We bumped into quite a few friends here and there, so that's always fun!  We even found time to play in the Nintendo tent and check out the new DS 3D consoles. 

Watching The Chemical Brothers as the sun set over London was the highlight of the night.  All around me were smiling happy people.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the tunes and the light show that was put on for us.

Another great weekend in London to remind me why I live here, yay!

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