Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Pink biscuits? Yes please!

A few weeks ago we threw a little baby shower for one of our best friends. She's having a little girl next month, so we got some food and non alcoholic punch together and all ended up on one hell of a sugar rush!

I made some cute 'baby-grow' shaped cookies for us all to nibble on, and I have to say, I'm quite proud of the way they turned out!

I bought a baby-grow shaped cookie cutter (about 10cms wide and high) from eBay, made a simple sugar cookie recipe

I flavoured the icing with a bit of a strawberry essence and coloured it (probably a little too much) with red food colouring to turn it a lovely bright pink. I found the easiest way to get it on the cookies was to use a stiff bristled paint brush. 

Then I added a little bit of piping from some glittery pre-made icing from Dr Oetker (available at your local supermarket) and voila, home made baby shower cookies!

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