Saturday, 27 August 2011

What an amazing Secret Garden...shhh.

I'm so late at writing this up, apologies!

Strop Circus playing at the White Mink Stage

Imagine four days of fancy dress, dancing, art exhibitions and fun!

The Secret Garden Party took place on the 21st - 24th July on a beautiful secret garden near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. 

Having never been before, it was the comments from our friends that made us want to go this year. They were always going on and on about how great it was and how much fun they had. So we decided to check it out too.

I'm going to keep this short, but it was the BEST UK festival I've ever attended. The whole site was beautiful and we spent the first afternoon taking it all in. From a beautiful lake (yes people went swimming!), to outdoor art exhibitions, it seemed to have everything covered. Not only could you have a sauna and attend morning yoga, a short stroll around the lake and you could watch mud wrestling and have a dance off with new friends. Just have a look at my photos and you'll get the idea!

People really took the fancy dress seriously. The theme this year was Origins and Frontiers. I'd say most people were in fancy dress for the entire weekend. My friends and I did our best and spent most of the time dressed up. I was amazed at how complex some outfits were, well done!

Me, Magnus, Amanda & Dave
The food was brilliant catering for meat eaters and vegetarians. Drink cost no more than London prices and for you tea drinkers, it was easy to find a cuppa 24/7. We had a favourite hot chocolate stall which was great for walking back to the tent at ungodly hours. Just a quick word about the most AMAZING coffee cake I've ever eaten. I bought a huge slice from Pass the teapot and quickly devoured it with a big smile on my face.

The music was varied enough that one afternoon I danced to house, then found an electro swing stage, but by late afternoon we were dancing at the Artful Badger (think rave in the woods) to rolling deep techno. I think the music catered for most people and headline acts included Blondie and Leftfield.  I mustn't forget that I enjoyed learning how to do that Charleston one afternoon with a group of people at the "Village Hall".

I find it's one of those festivals that is very hard to describe in words, hence why I've posted photos for you to see, but the best way to understand it, is to go.

So I'll see you all in 2012?

Looking out to the Dragonfly floating stage